Snuffle Mat 12x24


Great for cats and dogs!  This can be used for dry food or dry treats and encourages your pets natural skills at sniffing and snuffling to find their food.

Interactive activity and an exciting food puzzle toy for your pet! This toy uses their natural ability to snuffle and root around to search for things using their sense of smell. Their snuffle mat will provide stimulation as they search for treats that you have scattered in the mat. Mental stimulation can be tiring for your pet, so using this toy can wear them out and help them relax!

The base is a heavy rubber mat tied with hundreds of pieces of fleece so the treats are hidden but not impossible to find.

Start out by scattering a few treats on top of the toy that your dog can easily find. Next time scatter the treats then lightly brush the toy so the treats fall into the fleece. As with any toy, please monitor your pet's interaction with this toy to make sure they are using it appropriately.

Specify your color preference or choose from one shown.  Custom orders take 72 hours to ship.